Saturday, June 24, 2017

Doughnut Bouquets

Photo:  Source

The Huffington Post reported on Mother's Day that Tim Horton's offered a bouquet of 24 donut holes on skewers and wrapped in waxed tissue paper and put in a box.

Around the same time. Food and Wine reported that Dessertboxes, a bakery operated by 3 siblings in Austrailia was offering a bouquet of Nutella doughnuts.

Photo: Source

Since then, it seems to be taking off as a trend as documented by in the video below.  I know i wouldn't mind receiving a bouquet like this.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


With some cardboard boxes, fake grass, fabric, paint, glue, string and a craft knife you too could craft your own castle for your feline King or Queen (or both!).

In the center, you could even add a water fountain and some catnip plants for the center Courtyard like the picture below.

In the back you can uses existing pet beds (or make your own out of an old sweater, cotton batting and a needle with thread - tutorial here) at the bottom, but use fabric and tie is to the cardboard to make hammocks.

Here is a video on the complete project and how to DIY your own.

Photos:  Screenshots from video below posted by Cuteness

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rainbow and Thunder

Photos:  Screenshot from NTDTelevision's video below

God and Mother Nature always come up with amazing things.

 It is not often you see both lightning and a rainbow and the same time.

Below is a short video posted by NTDTelevision

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Animal shaped leg barstool

Photo:  Source

This was from a pin on Pinterest, but in searching, it looks like from pictures on  Judy Disney's blog in the Magic Mushroom Bar at the Oasis at Disneyworld.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beautiful Storm Pictures

All photos by Zachary Hargrove
These fabulous pictures were posted on Facebook by Zachary Hargrove.  He indicated they were taken on a 30 minute drive west of Bismarck, ND recently.  

In addition to the storm, he also caught the lightening.

He used a Nikon d610 with a Nikkor 14-24, 5 second exposures... some f/2.8, some f/3.5... 200 ISO. There are three other pictures if you would like to see more visit Zachary Hargrove Facebook page.

Monday, June 12, 2017

1960 Bathtub Car

           This would make you take a second look, and it did back when it was invented as well.

I had seen this video below on Facebook and found the following additional information for an article on MSN News

"In 1960, engineering students at a British technical college got the bright idea to motorize a bathtub. The tub, which was donated by another student, was a 1927 model that they fitted with a scooter engine. Brake systems, suspension, steering, and gear change mechanisms were also added to make the tub legally fit for the road. The makeshift vehicle even featured a rubber ducky horn and a scrub brush rear view mirror. 
After getting it started, the students drove the strange automobile around town, and used it primarily for picking up groceries."
A video of the tub in action is below. 
Photos: Screenshots from video

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lacey Shorts for Men

Photo: Source

NBC4I reported this might be the latest trend for men,   Metro UK reported the US based rapper Cazwell commissioned designer/owner or streetwear brand Hologram City to create pastel shorts with matching shirts for his next single "Loose Wrists"

While the men I know would take one look and say they would never wear it, the rapper posted the look on his web page and received 8,300 likes and a plethora of comments, and the first run of them on Hologram City selling for $49.00 each sold out, so you just never know.