Sunday, December 9, 2018

December Sky Events

Physics and Astronomy on Facebook posted the above sky activities to watch this December, that includes two meteor showers, the December Solstice and a Comet shower, but somehow missed the tracking Comet the reindeer along with Rudolph and the other reindeer via the Official Norad Santa Tracker.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kroger Halloween Finds

I was surprised to find such a vast selection of fab items for Halloween at my local Kroger, so you might want to check out your own local Kroger or Kroger affiliate to see goodies they have.

Styrofoam Gravestones

Projection Lights

Collapsible Coffin

Halloween themed string lights

More Halloween themed string lights

Skeletons of all kinds

Candles to set the Fall mood 

Partywear to set the table

Bakeware and sprinkles to make treats for the party

Candy jars to fill will candy

Treatbags and goodies to stuff them with, along with some costume items

Potion Bottles to decorate

Makeup to transform you look
Themed light sabers to top off your costume and carry during Trick or Treating

Themed LED color changing lanterns

Pumpkin, dog and cat decorations

Glow balls
Lots of Candy

Light up Large Halloween themed animal decorations

Table top decorations

This is a wall hanging, but thinking about picking it up as a makeup tray

This I think could be a DIY you could make with an empty wine bottle with a screw on top, black paint & gold paint, a hot glue gun to make the skeleton hands and a Halloween decoration on the top. 

I normally participate in Countdown to Halloween but knew my schedule would not permit this year, but it you love Halloween related items, please check out the participates at the link below.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Untold Truth Of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

I stumbled across this on Youtube and thought I would share this as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is a budget friendly meal to put on the table in about 10 minutes and I learned a few new things by watching the video, although curious as to why Vanilla Ice is in commercial for it.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Coolest Laundromat Ever

If they had laundromat's where I live this cool and wouldn't mind schlepping my dirty laundry to do out in public as this place has a speakeasy with pinball games and even board games, although I might have to get one of the craft beers on tap to prepare for having to fold my clean undies in front of strangers.

This awesome place is Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball at 860 Manhattan Avenue, NY, NY.  

Below is a picture for their Facebook page showing an array on Pinball machines, which were very popular in the 1970's, but cruder models date back to the late 1700's.

Mostly now you find one or two pinball machines in a bowling alley arcade or back of bar, but not the vast selection below.

Checkout the video above and feel free to leave your thoughts on laundromats, pinball games or memories in the comments section.


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Last Days of Carson's in Glenbrook Mall

Sadly, a major department store closing is no longer unique or unusual.  Another anchor store at this mall, Sears, announced after 52 years, it will be closing as well.   However, it is still a little jarring to see such a large space so empty.

This is the 3rd retailer that has came and went at this location; the first was Hudson's, the next Marshall's and for awhile before Carson's opened a few years ago, there had been a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course.

We went to check out what the store looked like 5 days before it was scheduled to close. They had moved what merchandise they had left to sell towards the back left side of the store.  The sign said everything for sale was upstairs and it was implied we should not go downstairs, so we didn't.

All of the makeup counters were empty, as were all the shelves and wall displays.  Some of the fixtures were marked "Sold" and other were for sale.  Some of the racks were $5 or $10.

We were surprised that my guest found something to buy as most of it was picked over, but he did find a blue checked Van Heusen shirt that had originally been $55 and purchased it for $10.80 with tax.   I ended up purchasing one of the hangers pictured below for $2.

I was surprised at how small the place seemed when most everything was out of there.

I hope they find a new tenant soon as many in the tri-state area come to Glenbrook to shop.  I am just a guilty as the next person when it comes to online shopping as it is quicker and you have a better selection, but it is not the same experience as shopping at a brick and mortar store where you can check out what you are buying in person.